Sukiyaki Recipe


  • Sukiyaki Beef (Loin or chuckroll is the best, but akami is good too if you prefer less fatty meat) ~250g
  • Half Packet of Yaki dofu (Or any firm tofu) ~50g
  • Ito Konnyaku (Shirataki noodles) ~180g
  • 1 Spring Onion ~20g
  • 2-4 Shiitake Mushrooms ~80g
  • Enoki Mushrooms ~100g
  • (Optional) Hakusai (Napa cabbage) ~100g
  • Shoyu ~100ml
  • Sake ~50ml
  • 4Tbsp Sugar ~60g
  • 1 Small block of beef fat (Normal cooking oil is okay too) ~10g
  • (Optional) 2-3 Pasteurized Eggs


  1. Cut the tofu into slices
  2. Cut the spring onion into ~1 inch pieces
  3. Cut the hakusai into ~1 inch pieces
  4. Wash the konnyaku and cut into half
  5. Heat up a pot of water and blanch the konnyaku for about 30 seconds and drain
  6. Mix the shoyu and sake in a bowl
  7. Melt the beef fat and pour some sugar on the pan
  8. Lightly sear the beef on medium heat until half cooked and put the heat to low
  9. Pour some of the shoyu sake mixture on top
  10. Add in the rest of ingredients
  11. Sprinkle rest of sugar on top and pour the remaining shoyu sake mixture
  12. (Optional) Crack egg into a bowl and beat lightly
  13. (Optional) Enjoy sukiyaki beef by dipping in raw egg!
  14. Enjoy sukiyaki with some rice or udon!

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